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We clean cars, vans, bikes, motor homes and more. We also provide window cleaning, gutter cleaning, carpet cleaning and office cleaning. All your cleaning needs taken care of.

Bronze Package

Cars / Vans - Outside Clean 

This includes an exterior wash using the autoglym professional range. Starting with a snow foam pre-wash, then professional range car shampoo, finished with a high gloss hydrophobic coating. This includes wheel cleaner, tire shine and window cleaner. A great and affordable option for customers who want their car exterior shining from every angle. 

Silver Package

Cars / Vans - Deluxe Detail

This is our comprehensive cleaning package. Deluxe detail focuses on both interior & exterior cleaning with our professional autoglym products. Your car is in the best possible care. This also includes windscreen and windows cleaned and hoovered. It’s perfect for customers who want a more thorough cleaning and a touch of shine to their vehicle, both inside and out. 

Gold Package

Cars / Vans - Premium Valet

Ice Clean Man is proud to present this top-tier package. A complete car care experience, including all aspects of the Deluxe Detail plus extra services like, professional leather seat clean & protect, full upholstery clean using carpet cleaner and interior shampoos. A full hoover and extensive clean will be carried out across the entire vehicle. It’s ideal for customers who want their car to look and feel like new, whilst also being an investment into the longevity of their beloved vehicle.


Gutter Cleaning

Starting from £35

Carpet Cleaning

Starting from £35

Office Cleaning

Starting from £25

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